Compton class land battleship

Unit type

Heavy land battleship


Eurasian Federation


OMNI Enforcer

First deployment:

C.E. 75


overall length 250m


track propulsion array

Equipment & Design Features

sensors, range unknown

Launch Catapults


Mobile Weapon Capacity:


The Compton is the first of a new class of heavy land battleship developed by the Eurasian Federation as a counter to ZAFT's Lesseps-class. It is first fielded in CE 75.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Being a land battleship, the Compton-class is heavily armed with beam cannons, machine guns and missile launchers. In terms of beam weaponry, the battleship mounts two dual beam cannons, while shell-firing weapons are made up of two triple projectile cannons and four quadruple machinecannons. Lastly, the greates amount of weaponry comes in form of missile launchers, which include 32 heavy missile launchers and 20 anti-aircraft missile launchers. Besides these fixed armaments, the Compton-class is also designed as a carrier capable of carrying and supporting mobile suits, with its total carrying capacity being far higher than ZAFT's smaller Lesseps-class ships.


  • Triple projectile cannon x2
  • Dual beam cannon x2
  • Quadruple anti-air machinecannon x4
  • Heavy missile launcher x32
  • Anti-air missile launcher x20


During the First Junius War, ZAFT’s Lesseps-class land battleships allowed them to establish supremacy over enormous swaths of territory throughout Earth, and once the war ended the Earth Alliance began taking steps to counter this advantage.

The Eurasian Federation’s answer was the Compton-class. Roughly the same length as the Lesseps but significantly taller, it uses four enormous tank-like treads for propulsion and has a significantly higher carrying capacity. The Compton is also extremely heavily armed, with numerous cannons and missile launchers.

The first ship of its class, the Compton was fielded in CE 74 and deployed in central Eurasia, where it would serve for some time as the primary base of operations for the élite 501st Autonomous Corps, a Special Forces unit of the Eurasian Federation analogous to the Atlantic Federation's 81st Independent Battalion. When in the immediate aftermath of the Break the World Incident a refugee camp in Bandar-e-Abbas is attacked by rogue ZAFT forces, the Compton would send its three finest pilots as reinforcements for the beleaguered Alliance forces guarding the camp. In that battle one of those pilots was killed, and subsequently the other two were transferred to a different posting. The Compton was shortly thereafter ordered to move to Germany, where there was significant military and civil unrest. Several months later, the Compton and a second ship of its class, the Martindale, would run afoul of and be destroyed by the Atlantic Federation’s giant mobile armor GFAS-X1 Destroy. However, unlike the Atlantic Federation's similar Hannibal-class, production of the Compton-class continued after the end of the Second Junius War in late CE 75.